Kerala Lottery Result Today – 23July 2022- Karunya Plus KN 430 Winners List

Kerala Lottery Result Today:For the information about checking today’s Kerala lottery result, you will get all the information on this page, for which you will have to read our page till the end, in which you will be given all the information related to Kerala lottery result.

Let us tell you all that we are only providing you today’s number check we do not recommend to play this game at all but if you have mastered this game and like to play this game then today’s Through this page, we are going to provide you the information about the number to be released today, which you must read till the end.

Kerala Lottery Result Today – Overview

Kerala Lottery Result Live Today 23.7.2022
Lottery NameKerala State Lottery
Draw CodeAK 558
Draw NameAkshaya
First PrizeRs. 70,00,000
Result date23.7.2022
Result Time3 to 4 PM
Result StatusPublished Soon

kerala Lottery Result Today Full Details:

Kerala Lottery Result Today:Kerala Lottery result is released every day on the official website which is released at 5:00 PM which you can check by visiting the official website. To select the points in this game, you are given time from 10:00 to 3:30, under which you can choose the points, after which the result is released at 5:00, which you can download through the official website and You can check the result through this page of ours.

There is a risk game in which the numbers are chosen by the people between 1 to 100 numbers in which the probability of opening the number is only one percent based on which you get the winning amount up to 80 percent of your invested amount For which people like a lot from and check the number.

Kerala Lottery Result Pdf Today:

LotteryDateDraw NumberResult (PDF)
Karunya Plus21 July 2022KN 430
Akshaya20 July 2022AK 558
Sthree Sakthi19 July 2022SS 322
Win-Win18 July 2022W 677
Fifty Fifty17 July 2022FF 8
Monsoon Bumper 17 July 2022BR 86/FF 8
Karunya16 July 2022KR 558
Nirmal15 July 2022NR 285

What is Kerala Lottery?

Kerala Lottery is a type of lottery game that you can also pray because in this you have to choose a digit between one to 100 numbers with only one percent chance of opening that number for which people put money in it. And on winning, they are given many times more amount than that which they have to do all the procedures through online medium and the amount is also received through online medium.

This game is risky because in this you have to choose only one point, you can choose between several points for which you have to pay a fee for each point, on the basis of which you are awarded the winning amount.

Kerala Lottery Result List:

Kerala Lottery result is uploaded daily on the official website which you can check online through the official website, for this you will be displayed the list through the official website so that you will be able to check through online which is 5:00 pm every day. It is released at noon, the process of which we will provide you through this page.

1st Prize – ₹80,00,000/- (80 Lakhs)
PD 962218 (KASARAGOD)Agent Name: GANESH KASARAGODAgency No. : S 863
Consolation Prize – ₹8,000/-
PA 962218  PB 962218PC 962218  PE 962218PF 962218  PG 962218PH 962218  PJ 962218PK 962218  PL 962218  PM 962218
2nd Prize – ₹10,00,000/- (10 Lakhs)
PL 799854 (ALAPPUZHA)Agent Name: NOUFAL NAWASAgency No. : A 6462
3rd Prize – ₹1,00,000/- [1 Lakh]
PA 537143
PB 379911
PC 406215
PD 299726
PE 271173
PF 129054
PG 133517
PH 839421
PJ 407583
PK 778983
PL 868717
PM 918750
4th Prize – ₹5,000/-
1031  1113  1422  1643  1907  2339  2530  2930  3029  3786  4066  5070  6311  6453  7370  8257  8547  9347
5th Prize – ₹1,000/-
0151  0351  0852  0955  1731  1856  2612  2669  3635  3800  3823  4031  4174  4345  4407  4756  4812  5343  5571  5647  5763  6591  6660  7217  7965  8169  8300  8453  8455  8526  8567  8851  8940  9266
6th Prize – ₹500/-
0160  0335  0415  0468  0516  0773  0840  1213  1362  1363  1366  1490  1644  1689  2149  2200  2220  2282  2340  2396  2575  2798  3440  3493  3616  3769  4023  4024  4115  4119  4147  4249  4341  4718  4753  4931  4951  4961  5052  5086  5190  5466  5511  5946  5958  5993  6024  6158  6228  6520  6677  6706  6805  6837  7024  7089  7117  7132  7190  7211  7318  7751  7946  8007  8247  8287  8299  8334  8408  8791  8800  9084  9330  9465  9689  9702  9721  9915  9934  9944
7th Prize – ₹100/-

How to check Kerala Lottery Result?

1. To check Kerala Lottery result, you first visit the official website
2. Now you will be displayed the home page of the official website in which you have to click on the option of Lottery Result 2022 through online only.
3. Now after you click on the link, a new page will be displayed.
4. This page will display you the list of today’s result and last working days result in which you click on today’s result option.
5. Your result will be displayed on the screen which you can download.

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How to claim winning amount for Kerala Lottery?

If you want to get the winning amount, then you have to claim the amount for which you have applied your points, for which you have to provide full details by visiting the nearest office through which you will be awarded the winning amount. Also, you can claim your amount and get your amount from the same place from where you have chosen the number for it.

Prize MoneyDeposit Claim Form to
₹5,000 or lowerTicket Agent
₹1,00,000 or lowerDepartment of District Lottery Offices
₹1,00,000 or Below (Other States)Department of Directorate
₹1,00,000 or AboveDepartment of Director of State Lotteries
₹1 Lakh to ₹20 LakhsDepartment of Deputy Director
₹20 Lakhs and AboveDepartment of Director

Department wise amount to be claimed:

  • If the amount is less than 5000 tickets – Agent
  • Amount of Rs.1 Lakh and below – District Lotteries Office Department
  • Rs.1 lakh and below – Directorate Department
  • Amount of Rs 1 lakh or more – Director Department of State Lotteries
  • Amount from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh – Deputy Director Department
  • 20 lakhs and above – Director’s Department

If the winning amount is more than ₹1 lakh:

If there is more than ₹ 100000 in your winnings and you want to claim for it, then you have to go to the department according to the above table and get your amount, whose full details we have provided to you on this page. Through which you can claim for any amount which will be provided to you as well as you will have to collect the form and all the documents for this, through which you will be given the amount.

Kerala Lottery Result Today – FAQs:

Q1. What is the official website of Kerala Lottery Game?

Ans. This is the official website of Kerala Lottery Game

Q2. When will today’s lottery result be released?

Ans. Today’s lottery result will be released on the official website at 5:00 PM.

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