Bhutan Teer Result Today – 1 August 2022 Check Today Live Result, Common Numbers, Counter Result, Bhutan Teer Result List

Bhutan Teer Result Today:The result of Bhutan Arrow Competition has been released which you can check on our page. Our Bhutan Arrow Result is updated daily on this page which you can check through online. This is a type of lottery game whose result is released daily, whose information we provide you through this page.

Bhutan Teer Result Today Overview:

Bhutan Teer Lottery Result Today
Lottery NameAssam State Lottery
Draw NameBhutan Teer
First PrizeUp to 76 Lakh
Result Date01.08.2022
Authorized byState Govt
CategoryLottery Game
Result Time4:15 PM & 5:00 PM
Result StatusPublish

Bhutan Teer Result Today Full Details:

This archery game organized by Bhutan is a type of lottery game in which the chances of winning are very less, so you can play it according to you, after which you can check the result through this page of ours. Bookmark this page of ours so that you can get daily result check. In this lottery game, the numbers are chosen by the people on the basis of which the result is declared. To check the result you can get daily on our website

Bhutan Teer Result Today 1.8.2022 Live Now:

DateF/R(4:10 PM)S/R(5:00 PM)
01 August 202224Wait…



What is Bhutan Archery Game?

Bhutan Archery game which is a lottery-like game in which the number is chosen by the people every day on the basis of the number of arrows after which the result is released or the result is released through online medium in which today’s result has been released through online medium. Which you can check on this page, which will be shown to you in a timely manner based on the table given below, which you can check and claim your winning amount.

1 August 2022 Bhutan Teer Result:

Bhutan Teer result is issued daily by the official website through online medium which you can check through the official website which is released daily through online which is considered completely valid in Bhutan whose information you can check by visiting the official website. Can get it.

1 August 2022:-

DateF/R(4:10 PM)S/R(5:00 PM)
01 August 202224XX

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How to choose points in Bhutan Teer Contest:

To select the points in arrow contest, you get the result of the previous days and the result of the previous month, after which you choose the possible result of the next dewas based on the check of the estimated results after which deposit the minimum amount on it and see it whether your guess is correct or not. Once the result is out, if your guess is correct and you can make that kind of reasoning, you can play the game and win a big amount.


How to Check Bhutan Teer Result!:

Bhutan Teer result is released daily through online medium which you can check our this page according to time table also you can get result check by visiting official website of Bhutan for which you have to visit official website where You can get the result link on the home page itself and check your result through that.

Bhutan Teer Result Today 1.8.2022:

Bhutan Teer Results of the previous days:

We are displaying the Bhutan Arrow Result of the previous days for you through this page which you will be able to check through the table given below through which will help you to select the further marks:-

Result NameDateF/R(10:25AM)S/R(11:25AM)
Bhutan Morning30/07/2022XXXX
Bhutan Morning29/07/2022XXXX
Bhutan Morning28/07/20221104
Bhutan Morning27/07/20225492
Bhutan Morning26/07/20224885
Bhutan Morning25/07/20225032
Bhutan Morning23/07/20229013
Bhutan Morning22/07/20225570
Bhutan Morning21/07/20226135
Bhutan Morning20/07/20229066
Bhutan Morning19/07/20222379
Bhutan Morning18/07/20226541
Bhutan Morning16/07/20229210
Bhutan Morning15/07/20224310
Bhutan Morning14/07/20227198
Bhutan Morning13/07/20222695
Bhutan Morning12/07/20220782
Bhutan Morning11/07/20226135
Bhutan Morning09/07/20220297
Bhutan Morning08/07/20225034

Bhutan Evening Teer Result Previous Day:

DateF/R(4:10 PM)S/R(5:00 PM)
30 July 20228523
29 July 20229457
28 July 20226712
27 July 20227735
26 July 20221688
25 July 20223907
23 July 20221465
22 July 20229860
21 July 20222717
20 July 20229820
19 July 20221650
18 July 20222474
17 July 20220687
16 July 20227568
15 July 20224462
14 July 20229083
13 July 20224615
12 July 20228398
11 July 20228836
09 July 20222524
08 July 20220403
07 July 20226504
06 July 20226367
05 July 20222374
04 July 20220460
03 July 20220549
02 July 20228408
01 July 20227317

Bhutan Teer Result Today – FAQs

Q1. What is Bhutan Arrow Competition?

Ans. There is a lottery game based on the number of arrows held per day.

Q2. When will the Bhutan Arrows Competition Result be released?

Ans. You can check Bhutan Teer Result daily through this page of our which has been released.

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