Jackpot Lottery Result – Today 19 September, Kerala Lottery Jackpot Result Today

Jackpot Lottery Result:Kerala Jackpot Lottery is organized daily in which you can check your result with number booking in which you can get the information of today’s result for all of you on our page as education. In which all of you will be able to get the result information below on this page which is updated daily for all of you in which today’s result has also been provided which you can check.

Jackpot Lottery Result Full Details:

Jackpot Lottery is an online based lottery game in which the number booking is done first after which the result is released, in which today’s result is also being provided to all of you, whose details you can get by staying on our page in which today Complete information about the result is being provided, the details of which you can get by staying up to date.

Jackpot Lottery Result 19.9.2022:

Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result of 19th September 2022:

Jackpot Lottery Result is released daily in which today’s result check is being provided to you through our this package in which the result of 19th September 2022 will be released according to the time table which is 10:30 11:30 1:30 2: Will be issued at 30 3:30 4:30 5:30 6:30, which will be able to check through our page.

NameTime1st Prize: 10,000/-2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM63232
Jackpot11:30 AM20404
Lucky12:30 PM23434
Queen01:30 PM10000
King03:30 PM44343
Star05:30 PM69898
Jackpot06:30 PM01313
Loto07:30 PM43030

What Is Jackpot Lottery?

Kerala Jackpot Lottery played online based lottery in which people have to check the result on the basis of number booking every day in which the information of the result is provided for all of you on this page in which the information of today’s result is available to all of you in this page. You can stay on the page and get it which will be provided to you all in time, the details of which you can check below.

Jackpot Lottery Result – Overview:

Post NameJackpot Result Today Winner List
Ticket NameKerala Jackpot Lottery
State NameKerala State
Official Websitekeralalotterytoday.com
1ST Prize10,000 Rs.
Result DateEveryday
Result Time10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM,
01:30 PM, 03:30 PM, 05:30 PM,
06:30 PM, 07:30 PM
Result StatusPublished/Coming Soon/ Out Now

How To Choose Numbers In Kerala Jackpot Lottery:-

The number in Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result is selected through online mode, in which today’s number booking process has been started which you can do through online. For which you will have to first select the number, after which you will be able to complete the number booking through online medium, after which the information about the result will be available to all of you on this page, so that you will be able to get it by staying on our page.

Jackpot Lottery Result Today:

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How To Check Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result?

For all the visitors who have come to get the information about today’s result, the information of the result is being provided on this page, whose complete details you all would have been able to get on this page in which you were waiting for the result for you which was the time table. As per which is displayed in below table for all of you according to which you can get check your result.

Kerala Jackpot Lottery Results Of Previous Days:

Information about the results of the previous days is also being given on this page for all of you viewers, for which you can read our page completely and get information about the results of the backward days in the table below, which will be updated for all of you. In which you will get the information about the results of the last few days, the details of which you can check in the table below.

KL Jackpot Today Result 17.09.2022

TIME1ST PRIZE: 10,000/-
10:30 AM942
11:30 AM571
12:30 PM611
01:30 PM280
03:30 PM616
05:30 PM759
06:30 PM555
07:30 PM982

KL Jackpot Today Result 16.09.2022

10:30 AM655
11:30 AM303
12:30 PM398
01:30 PM623
03:30 PM764
05:30 PM099
06:30 PM370
07:30 PM041

KL Jackpot Today Result 15.09.2022

TimeKL Jackpot Result

KL Jackpot Today Result 14.09.2022

TimeKL Jackpot Result

Jackpot Lottery Result – FAQs

Q1. Through which medium is the Kerala Jackpot Lottery game organized?

Ans. Kerala Jackpot Lottery, result is released through online mode.

Q2. How can get check result?

Ans. You can check Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result online through our page.

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