LPG New Rate Today: अब केवल ₹633.50 रुपये में मिलेगा गैस सिलेंडर

LPG New Rate Today:Information about the new rates issued by the Government of India is being provided to all of you in the area around today, in which it has become very cheap for all of you to fill LPG cylinders, whose new rates have been updated today.

Today you are able to get the information for this page of ours in which LPG cylinder which is very important for all of you, for all of you whose rates were decreasing and fluctuating, in which today’s price is going to decrease. Because of this, all the information is being provided to all of you on this page, so that you must read till the end so that you can get complete information.

LPG New Rate Today:

Current LPG Gas Price List for 14.2 KG Cylinder:

CityPrice Today
New Delhi₹?899.50

LPG New Rate Today Full Details:

LPG New Rate Today:Today we are going to tell for all of you that due to the decrease in the price of LPG, this is going to be very important information for all of you, under which ₹ 100 cheap LPG cylinder will be available for all of you. For which you can now go to the gas agency and take your new cylinder, for which you will have to deposit ₹ 100 less fee,

in which for all of you this downfall has come after July 2022, in which earlier this rate was increasing for you. Because there was going to be a lot of problem for all of you, but new rates have been issued for all of you, whose complete list will be provided to all of you according to the cities, for which you remain on this page of ours.

Domestic Vs Commercial Gas Cylinder:

Domestic LPGCommercial LPG
Essentially utilized for domestic household purposes. It is used for non-domestic purposes such as agricultural, electricity generation, transportation, poultry, eatery joints, industries, restaurants, and hotels.
The costs are dictated by oil showcasing companies controlled by the state and depend on the unrefined petroleum costs in the worldwide business sectors and the money exchange rate.  The prices are determined by oil marketing companies run by the state and depend on the crude oil prices in the international markets and the currency exchange rate.
The costs are re-examined toward the start of consistency.The prices are revised regularly.
Eligible for subsidy.Not eligible for a subsidy.
The prices are lower when compared to commercial LPG cylinders.The prices are higher when compared to domestic LPG cylinders.
Painted in red colour for easy identification.Painted in blue colour for easy identification.
Available in 5 kgs and 14.2 kgsAvailable in 5 kgs, 19 kgs, and 47.5 kgs

What Is LPG Gas?

LPG New Rate Today:LPG gas is Liquid Petroleum Gas, which is very important for all of you, which is used in a large amount in the age of kitchen vehicles etc. The information is being provided, let us tell you that this gas is also known as butane and propane, in which it is so flammable through what it contains in both.

This gas is extracted from crude oil by distillation process, on the basis of which there is so much burning sensation and it is used for maximum cooking in which all the information related to all of you will be provided on this page of today.

Production Process For LPG Gas:

To make LPG, first crude oil is extracted from the ground, in which many types of gas are available for you, after which we get LPG gas for gas production after heating it, which is known as petroleum gas. Which contains the most flammable substances.

LPG is extracted through distillation process after heating using refrigeration technology. After the LPG gas is extracted from crude oil, it is kept in the form of LPG, which we know by the names of butane, iso butane and propane.Liquefied petroleum gas is stored as a liquid in a tank under pressure.

LPG New Rate Today:

LPG Gas New Rate In India:

LPG New Rate Today:Bharat LPG rate is different in every city which affects all of you kitchens in which for all of you we are going to provide the details of LPG rate of some big poets based on this in changed price for all of you. Information will be available for which you will be able to get all the information by reading this page till the end, in which the details of today’s price are as follows-

  • Lucknow 1090.5
  • Udaipur 1084.5
  • Aizawl 1205
  • Srinagar 1169
  • BENGALURU 1055.5
  • Kanya Kumari 1137
  • Andaman 1129
  • Ranchi 1110.5
  • Shimla 1097.5
  • Dibrugarh 1095
  • Leh 1299
  • Indore 1081
  • Kolkata 1079
  • Dehradun 1072
  • Chennai 1068.5
  • Agra 1065.5
  • Chandigarh 1062.5
  • Visakhapatnam 1061
  • Ahmedabad 1060
  • Patna 1142.5
  • Bhopal 1058.5
  • Jaipur 1056.5
  • Delhi 1053
  • Mumbai 1052.5

Main Uses Of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG):

For all of you, through this page, we are providing you information about some important uses of LPG gas which are as follows:-

  • LPG gas is highly flammable which is used for cooking.
  • It is also used in generators etc.
  • LPG gas is also used in cars, buses and some vehicles.

Different Types Of LPG Gas Cylinder New Rate:

S.NoProduct NameAmount(in Rs.)
219 Kg LPG Cylinder LOT – Filled1734
35 Kg LPG Cylinder Non Domestic – Filled483
419 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled1734
519 Kg LPG Nanocut Cylinder – Filled1995
647.5 Kg Indane XtraTeJ LPG Cylinder LOT – Filled4387.5
819 Kg Indane XtraTeJ LPG Cylinder – Filled1756.5
1147.5 Kg Indane XtraTeJ LPG Cylinder – Filled4387.5
1219 Kg Indane XtraTeJ LPG Cylinder LOT – Filled1756.5
1347.5 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled4331.5
1447.5 Kg LPG Cylinder LOT – Filled4331.5
1514.2 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled Without Subsidy899.5
165 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled Without Subsidy331
175 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled331
1814.2 Kg LPG Cylinder – Filled899.5
2010 KG COMPOSITE LPG CYL- Filled633.5
215 Kg COMPOSITE LPG Cylinder FTL – Empty0
225 Kg COMPOSITE LPG Cylinder FTL Tertiary Sale – Refill502
235 Kg COMPOSITE LPG Cylinder FTL Tertiary Sale – Filled3039

LPG New Rate Today – FAQs

Q1. What is the full meaning of LPG?

Ans. LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Q2. How is LPG produced?

Ans. Liquefied petroleum gas is produced by extracting crude oil and heating it.

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