Robyn Griggs, ‘Another World’ Actress  Dies at 49😮

Griggs had been battling cervical cancer and had been candid about her health issues on social media

Griggs revealing last month that she had been diagnosed with four additional tumours.

According to her Facebook profile, Griggs was diagnosed with stage 4 endocervical adeno carcinoma in 2020

she had entered hospice care only days before her death.

“I love to laugh — that’s my way of coping, and so I made sure to find something funny to think about,”

“she said Depression is a terrible thing and I definitely have moments of that, but I remember … I’m still here.”

her serial appearances, Griggs appeared in horror films such as Severe Injuries (2003), Dead Clowns (2004), The Absence of Light (2006), and Hellweek (2007).